Kapolei Lofts is a wonderful community to live at, however, we do understand that the cost of living on the Island is a little high. Our affordable housing program creates an opportunity for you to live at our community and save a few extra dollars on rent. With this program, eligible and qualified applicants can rent apartment homes at Kapolei Lofts at below market rents. Are you a qualified applicant? Keep reading to find out!

General Below Market Rate (BMR) Information

  • What are the rent limits?
    • Low Rent 80% 1 bedrooms starting at $1750 and 2 bedroom units $1930
    • Moderate Rent 140% 1 bedrooms starting at $1923 and 2 bedroom units $2136
  • What are the income limits?
    • Low Income 80% ranging from $58,640 for a one person to $83,680 for a four-person household
    • Moderate Income 140% AMI ranging from $102,620 for a one person to $146,440 for a four-person household
  • For the ‘Honolulu County Income Schedule by Family Size’ Click Here
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What documentation do I need to qualify?

  1. Completed packet from all household members (only one application per household is needed)
    1.  Application Forms
    2. Household Eligibility Questionnaire
  2. Income Documents: (per person)
    1.  Paycheck Stubs (4-6 consecutive paystubs starting from the most current pay period)
    2. Any other income
  3. Asset Documents:
    1.  6 months of each Checking Account statements from current date; 1 recent Saving Account statement. If your total household assets (total of checking, savings, 401K, and/or investment accounts) are under $5000 please provide only the most Checking or Savings Account statements. A separate document will need to be signed.
    2. Any other asset ownership documentation (401K, IRA, Life Insurance, or Investment Accounts statements)
  4. Income Taxes (Self-employment only)
    1. Self-employed applicants/residents must provide previous year's tax return including Schedule C;
    2. applicants/residents must also complete an affidavit of self-employment.  Self-prepared signed taxes are acceptable.  If the applicant/resident states that self-employment taxes have not been filed an affidavit stating this should be obtained from the applicant/resident and placed in the file.

Kapolei Lofts

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I have more questions, who can I reach out to?

Please reach out to our experienced leasing professionals with your questions, we’re ready and available to assist.